East Rochester Rotary Scholarship Program

Our scholarship program is open to all East Rochester High School graduating seniors who intend to continue their education at a secondary educational institution. 

Rotary supports two community scholarships yearly to students that are continuing their education and have exemplified the basic tenants of Rotary, community service, citizenship and character. We also support a music scholarship in an effort to continue the rich multi-faceted contributions to music that many East Rochester Alumni have provided our community


All applicants must:

  • Provide a completed application to the Counseling Office by Friday, April 28, 2023
  • Provide a personal statement
  • Provide two letters of recommendation (see application for details)

Selection Process

Students applying will be evaluated based on their:

  • Demonstration of outstanding participation in music
  • Have an admirable academic achievement
  • Exemplify Mr. C's profound impact on his students


Annual scholarship awards are as follows:

  • Academic (2) - $1000 each
  • Music - (1) - $1000 each

Rotarian Community Scholarship Award

Two scholarships of $1,000.00 will be awarded t two students who are involved in Community Service, Leadership, Community Development and Good Citizenship.


Competition is open to all East Rochester High School Seniors who have participated in any community or area functions by volunteering.

To Apply

  • Complete Application (see download)
  • East applicant is required to write an essay (not to exceed two pages) about Rotary Clubs and why they are important to the community. Essay should include what activities the applicant participated in which contributed to growth of character or which have been a benefit to the community.

Letter of Recommendation

Please have a teacher or employer write a letter of recommendation on your behalf. Make sure the letter is signed, dated and the person's profession or position is noted. 

Please attach the letter of recommendation to your application.

Submission of Application

Application must be received by May 21, 2022 and addressed to:

Rotary Club of East Rochester
Mr. Casey van Harssel, Principal
East Rochester High School
200 Woodbine Ave.
East Rochester NY 14445


The judge's decision will be based on the applicants' understanding and demonstration of community service and leadership.

Paul Cimicata Memorial Scholarship Award

Mr. Paul Cimicata was an active and dedicated member of the East Rochester Rotary Club and a multiple Paul Harris fellow. The East Rochester Rotary Club is honored to present the Paul Cimicata Memorial Scholarship Award to a well deserving East Rochester graduating senior each year.

Mr. C, as he was known, was known as being tough, but fair and was deeply impacted by his student’s passion and dedication. Thus, each recipient of this scholarship will be selected based on (in brief):

Their demonstration of outstanding participation in music

Their admirable academic achievement

The demonstrations of integrity, fairness, generosity and collaboration both inside and outside the classroom.

All graduating East Rochester seniors are invited to review the application criteria and if you believe you are eligible, and are encouraged to submit an application for consideration by the East Rochester Rotary Scholarship committee.

For cconsideration, please download, complete and return the East Rochester Rotary Scholarship Application provided here. 

2021 Scholarship Recipients